What is the Royal Q platform & how does it work?

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Royal Q platform

What is the Royal Q platform & how does it work?

This article provides a detailed overview of what is the Royal Q platform and how does it work in trading.


What is the Royal Q platform & how does it work? Everything You Need to Know


Cryptocurrency is the future! Regardless of its less acceptance today, it will soon be globally adopted by everyone. It is a kind of AI meticulously developed for trading. It makes life easier for traders to make choices about what to buy or sell by using computer programs built on a set of programs. If your cryptocurrency trading system is already set up, let Royal Q Robot handle it instead of managing it manually. The Royal Q Robot also uses modern technology to calculate trade rates. In this article, we will learn what is Royal Q platform and how does it work.


Royal Q platform


What is the Royal Q platform?

Royal Q is a Chinese company that developed the Royal Q robot to eliminate the psychological component of trading, which can be harmful when trading cryptocurrency. Royal Q uses a computer-based program that uses cryptocurrency trading signals. The signals help in determining the ideal timing for making a trade.


Because of the way the Royal Q Bot is built, they will do the market trend analysis for you. The robots collect market data, analyze and estimate any risks, and carry out selling and buying for the consumer. Royal Q Robot has a trading-specific intelligence system. The Royal Q uses a fission intelligence quantification mechanism.


The Q Robot lets the user click the start button after choosing a suitable investing strategy. The Royal Q robot is also capable of realizing the intelligent fool style in handling finances. The Royal Q system aligns with the appropriate qualifying approach in accordance with the current market situation.


How Does Royal Q Work? Get started with the Royal Q Platform
Royal Q bot helps automate the process of analyzing and interpreting cryptocurrency market data. The robot gathers market data, interprets it, and figures out how much risk there might be. When compared to hiring human professionals, the Royal Q crypto is more cost-effective and helps save time.


You will need to bind the app with a third-party trading platform to use the Royal Q trading bot. Currently, Royal Q only works with the exchange networks: Houbi and Binance. So, you can connect your Royal Q account with any of these platforms.


To start using the Royal Q robot, you will need to download the app from respective app stores. You can download the Royal Q app from Apple store on iOS and the Google Play Store on Android. To begin trading with the Royal app after installation, you must first log in and have access to it using their Binance API keys. To begin trading, follow the steps below:



⦁ Register and create your Royal Q account
⦁ Enter your email and other required details
⦁ You can verify your email by entering the code that you will get in your email
⦁ Once you enter the code, your email will be verified, and account creation will be successful
⦁ Download the Royal Q app on your Android or iOS and launch it
⦁ Log in to your account on the app by entering your email and password and activate your app
⦁ Link your account with Binance API keys and start trading


You must first credit your Binance or Huobi account with USDT (TRC-20) before you can start trading. You will also have to pay $100 for a one-year subscription. Just like in any other business, your profits increase with the increased amount of money you invest.


How to activate Royal Q?
To start trading, you must activate your Royal Q account after creating it. You must select ‘Mine’ in the right corner of the app to activate it. Then click ‘Asset,’ and you will then be taken to the “withdraw” and “transfer” pages. To copy the Royal account to the wallet address, click on the deposit. The account must be activated with a $20 deposit. You will need to verify your county to continue after selecting the Start option.


How to Make Money with the Royal Q Platform?
Let’s now discuss how you might profit from Royal Q. Royal Q is popular because of its income-sharing and network marketing program. You can profit from Royal Q in two different ways, including:

⦁ Trading Cryptocurrency
⦁ Referral (MLM)
The first method to earn money using the Royal Q app is utilizing your available capital in your Binance or Huobi account to trade with the robot. In contrast, those who like multi-level marketing (MLM) can earn significantly more money than simply trading stocks.
Let’s discuss how MLM and trading work as two different sources of revenue.


⦁ Trading Cryptocurrency: The robot trades cryptocurrency for you based on your capital. The ROI ranges from 1 to 50%, depending on your trading preference using compound interest. Additionally, it has tools that allow you to copy or sync with the platform’s experienced traders instantly. Therefore, synchronizing with seasoned traders on the platform is your best bet if you have no idea what to trade.


Royal Q platform


So, what Is Royal Q referral marketing plan? It is probably the most popular aspect of the Royal Q system. This is because you can earn passive revenue by referring the platform to other people. It has four levels, including:


⦁ Level 1: The first level of revenue is an immediate $30 commission for each person you recommend Royal Q to.
⦁ Level 2: You need to have at least three recommendations and 20 users in order to reach the second level of income. At this level, you receive a commission of $40 for a direct referral, a bonus of 30% from the team as a whole, and a commission of $10 for a new user that uses your downline’s activation link.

⦁ Level 3: You get $50 and a forty percent team incentive at the third level. Achieving this requires having a team of over 100 active users and more than five direct referrals.
⦁ Level 4: You get $60 for a direct recommendation and a 50% team incentive when they reach the fourth level of referrals. When members sign up using the downline, the user additionally gets paid a commission of $30.


Royal Q platform provides an excellent tool and it is definitely worth giving a try. In the realm of cryptocurrency trading, it makes no difference if you are an expert or a new trader—all experiences are the same. However, Royal Q can make a huge difference in trading cryptocurrency. Try it out now, and I hope this article answers all of your queries regarding what is the Royal Q platform & how does it work.

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