Unveiling the Truth: Royal Q Review 2024

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Royal Q Review

Unveiling the Truth: Royal Q Review 2024

In this Royal Q review 2024, I am going to unveil the good, the bad and the ugly truths about Royal Q. I have been using Royal Q since 23rd January 2023 and I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly things with this Royal Q trading software.

Royal Q Review

If you are thinking about getting a royal q account, trust me, you need to read this unbiased Royal Q review to the end.


What is Royal Q?


Royal Q is a quantitative intelligent software used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in your exchange wallet. It uses a set of mathematical calculations to enter and exit the market on behalf of the crypto trader. It’s able to do all this via an API (Application Programming Interface) with a sole role of spot, Futures and margin trading in the exchange.


Royal Q has no access to your capital especially since all your capital stays in your exchange platform and not in Royal Q. Royal Q trading bot can be connected to the following Crypto exchange platforms: Binance, bybit, kraken, indodax, and okx and coin base.


Let’s talk about the good side of using Royal Q.


Before we discuss the bad and the ugly, let’s look at some of the advantages of using Royal Q trading software to an individual.




Royal Q bot helps you automate your trading. In that you just have to give royal q trading bot a set of instructions. Royal Q follows these instructions to execute your trades in your exchange platform automatically.


This helps you stay focused on your day-to-day activities and not sit in front of a computer or having to be on your phone all day during trading hours. This makes your trading to be on auto pilot. For those with huge trading capital of like $50,000 and above, there is a strategy available for you to run your trading on autopilot and make 10-30% PNL in your exchange platform with ease.


Safety of funds


Another big advantage of using Royal Q is that you have guaranteed safety of your funds. As discussed above, all your capital is kept safe in your exchange wallet.


Therefore, even if Royal Q company closes, you have nothing to lose.


Lucrative Affiliate Program


Royal Q has a very lucrative referral system. For those interested in building a team of traders, you can build a very strong team of traders.


This is done just by sharing your Royal Q invitation Link or Royal Q invitation code. This helps you earn passively as these people use royal q to trade and make profits.


The earnings from the referral program are divided into four main categories.


  • Activation gain: This is the bonus that you get when someone uses your invitation link or invitation code to register and activate their royal q account. The activation gain ranges anywhere from $10-$70 per activation depending on your rank.
  • Direct Quantification: This is the bonus that you get whenever a person that directly joined using your royal q link makes a profit. Whenever you use royal Q to trade and you make profits in your connected exchange platform, Royal Q takes 20% of your profit. Its on this 20% that the person who gave you his link gets off some commission depending on his/her rank. This can be 20%-65% commission.
  • Team Quantification: This is the bonus you get from your indirect teams’ trading fee. Remember as I just discussed above, everyone is charged 20% of the profits made. So if you had built a team of traders and also this team builds traders under them, they automatically become your indirect team. This gives you a chance to earn commissions from their trading fees. This can be anywhere from 10-50%
  • Indirect Activation Gain: This is the activation bonus you earn when someone that signed up using your link goes ahead to register another person. Example, let’s say I introduced person A into the business, I will be entitled to direct activation gain and direct quantification from A. If A brings B into business, I will get indirect activation gain and team quantification from B.
  • Global dividend: As you rank up in the structure of Royal Q, you reach the highest rank called Global Partner (V6). This gives you a special privilege of getting a global dividend reward from all the people using Royal Q in the whole world. This is usually paid out every month on 1st.


Unveiling the Undiscussed Dark Side of the Royal Q Bot: An In-depth Analysis


High Transaction fees


As I discussed above, royal q takes 20% fees of every trade profit made. This is really high. Imagine for example making $100 profit and $20 being taken away. It’s really high.


High Annual Subscription Fee


Royal q trading bot has a yearly subscription fee of $120. This is way above most people’s reach especially those coming from third world countries. At least if it was a once in a lifetime subscription, it would be much better.


Floating Losses


While trading with Royal Q, you are most likely to face a challenge of floating loss. Floating loss happens when you buy a coin at a certain price then the coin drops in value. This decrease causes you to see a certain amount of money that you could potentially lose if you sell the coin manually.


Unfortunately, the only solution to this challenge is being patient. Since royal q can’t sell off any asset at a loss, it will wait for the coin it had bought to come back up so that it sells in profit.


Exposing the Harsh Reality of Royal Q Trading Software: A Candid Examination


Royal Q Affiliate program is built like a pyramid scheme.


Royal Q’s affiliate program is built like a pyramid scheme which makes it look like a Ponzi scheme in a very lovely packaging. Quote me right. Am not saying that Royal Q is a Ponzi scheme, rather am just highlighting on how its affiliate program is built like a Pyramid scheme.


For you to enjoy all the benefits that come with Royal Q referral system, you have to climb your way up the ladder. The more you rank higher, the more the benefits. Does this remind you of any pyramid scheme? Just asking.


You can actually lose your Money with Royal Q.


This is how. Royal Q’s recovery system for forgotten passwords doesn’t work. This means that if at any one time you lose your password, then it’s a gone case. Like, you automatically lose your royal q account because there is no way to reset the password.


So, if you plan to register a royal Q account, make sure to write down your email and password and keep them safely just in case. In case a coin that you were trading using royal Q bot is delisted from the exchange, Royal Q has no way to safeguard you from losing your money that was in that coin. So, you end up losing every penny that you had invested in that coin.


The only way to register a royal Q account is by invitation. This is so sad. You cannot register a royal Q account unless someone gives you their invitation code or invitation link. This makes it scarier to many people since it makes royal Q appear as if it’s a Ponzi scheme.


No one knows Royal Q offices and founder.


Royal Q founder and its official address are not known. No one knows the exact founder of Royal Q trading software or its offices. This means that if at all Royal Q closes, its users have nowhere to trace the company from. These are bare hurting facts that royal q users will never tell you.


My personal opinion after 1 year and 2 months of using Royal Q.


Personally, I don’t think that Royal Q is a Ponzi scheme especially since it has kept delivering exactly what it promises for now 3 years. Once you join, even if you don’t refer any single person, Royal Q can help you automate your trades and earn money without having to stay glued to your phone or laptop.


For the above two reasons, I strongly believe that Royal Q is a legitimate trading software. Conclusion: Despite the challenges that I have highlighted up the, I do believe Royal Q is a legit Crypto trading software that every crypto trader needs especially in this bull run season in order to maximize the opportunity.

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