Royal Q Scam: Here is the Proof That It is Not

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Royal Q Scam

Royal Q Scam: Here is the Proof That It is Not

Is Royal Q Scam? This article provides a detailed overview of proof that Royal Q is not scam with reasons that hint at its authenticity.


Royal Q Scam: Here is the Proof That It is Not

Skeptical about Royal Q? You are not alone as there are hundreds of investors looking for trading bots to take care of their crypto trading. However, most companies claiming to have trading robots for successful trading have ended up losing trader’s investments. That’s why investors are always skeptical about new companies that join the cryptocurrency trading market. Amidst all this, Royal has earned a massive reputation for being a reliable platform to automate crypto trading. So, Is Royal Q scam? In this article, we will discuss factors and reasons that are the proof that it is not.


Royal Q Scam


What is Royal Q?

Royal Q uses robots to perform market trend analyses and trade crypto for you. The incredible robot system trades cryptocurrency while you’re busy managing other businesses or engaging in different activities. The robots collect market data, analyze and estimate any risks, and sell and buy for the consumer. This technology is safe and unique all at once in cryptocurrency quantitative trading.


Additionally, the cryptocurrency market is beginner-friendly since investors do not need to be skilled traders to buy and sell. Royal Q was established in China and later moved to Malaysia’s Singapore. Following successful growth in Asian markets, Royal Q recently announced that they will also be expanding into European markets. Thus, the company is doing very well and appears to stay that way.


Reasons Why Royal Q is not a Scam

Here are a few reasons to ensure Royal Q Bot is not a scam:


⦁ It is still working well after two years: The Royal Q is operating flawlessly despite a significant downtrend. Even after major setbacks, the community, technical team, and support are still as active as they were initially. Of course, you can not do trading more effectively than a robot. Moreover, sitting by the computer and doing all the trading yourself is tiresome. So, the robot takes care of all your trading concerns.


⦁ Legitimacy and Transparency: Despite claims of being a scam, Royal Q follows all applicable laws and transparently trades cryptocurrency. Users can feel secure in the platform’s legitimacy because it is registered and complies with all applicable laws and regulations.


⦁ Risk Management: Just like any other kind of investment, cryptocurrency trading has associated risks. Yet Royal Q has strong risk management systems to minimize any losses and secure users’ money. The platform prioritizes security, protecting user funds and personal data by implementing industry-standard authentication and encryption mechanisms.


⦁ Inconsistent profits: Most of Royal Q’s rivals mislead beginners by claiming that they would always be profitable. But with Royal Q, this isn’t the case. Its legitimacy is guaranteed by its inconsistent earnings. You will make money, but you could lose as well.


⦁ The exchanger protects our assets: Since our investment is secure in the exchanger, we only have to send a small sum to the Royal Q bot to get it going. But most of our profit and investment money is still there. According to the restrictions provided by API bound, Royal Q can only carry out buying and selling transactions; it is not permitted to withdraw the investment.


⦁ Testimonials and User Experience: User experience and feedback play a significant role in establishing the validity of any platform. Numerous customers have expressed satisfaction with Royal Q, appreciating its reliability, accessibility, and potential for profits. Moreover, user testimonials further support the platform’s credibility and efficiency.


Benefits of Trading with Royal Q


⦁ Your money is not being given to anyone. Royal Q may purchase and sell on your behalf multiple times as long as your capital and profit remain in your Binance, but you maintain complete control over the money because it stays in your Binance.


⦁ Whether you are sleeping or preoccupied with the day’s tasks, the “Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy” lowers the entry price of your trades when it runs automatically, reducing your floating losses in the case of a market downturn.


⦁ You do not have to monitor the market constantly on your phone or laptop. The bot continuously purchases, sells, and books profits on your behalf using your chosen set targets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


⦁ Risk management is excellent when you use the “Margin Call Drop” tool to enter the market progressively rather than all at once.


⦁ Much like the Binance Exchange referral program, which pays referrers commissions from their referrals’ trades, you receive a small commission from your referrals.

Royal Q Review


How to Register on Royal Q?

You must download the app from respective app stores to start trading with Royal Q robot. You can download the app from the Google Play Store on Android and the Apple Store for iOS users. You must first log in and have access to it using their Binance API keys to begin trading with the Royal app after installation. Follow the steps below to start trading:


⦁ Register and create your Royal Q account
⦁ Enter your email and other required details
⦁ Verify your email by entering a code that you will receive in your email
⦁ After entering the code, your email will be verified, and account registration will be successful
⦁ Download the Royal Q app on your Android or iOS and launch it
⦁ Activate the app after signing in to your account by entering your email and password
⦁ Link your account with Binance API keys and start trading


You must first credit your Binance or Huobi account with USDT (TRC-20) before you can begin trading. You will also have to pay $100 for a one-year subscription. Just like in any other business, your profits increase with the increased amount of money you invest.



Royal Q is not a scam. It is a legitimate platform providing a reliable robot system to automate crypto trading. Whether you are an expert or a new trader, Royal Q can make a huge difference in trading cryptocurrency because of its smart data interpreting abilities and accurate trades. Moreover, plenty of unbiased user testimonials suggest it is legit and worth trying. Happy trading!

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