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Royal Q Review

This article provides a detailed overview of the Royal Q review and everything you need to know about the Royal Q robot.


Royal Q Review? Everything You Need to Know

You are not alone if you are looking for a robotic system to automate your crypto trading. Cryptocurrency seems to be the future and that’s the reason why people are crazy about it. They are purchasing and holding crypto to benefit themselves in future. Amidst all this, Royal Q has introduced a robotic software system that automates quantitative trading for you. A lot of people use Royal Q to increase their investment, and some even make it a side hustle. However, the main question is: Is Royal Q worth all the hype? Is Royal Q safe? So, buckle up because, in this Royal Q review, we will be learning everything about the Royal Q robot.


Royal Q Review


Royal Q Company Background


Royal Q was initially established in China and later moved to Malaysia’s Singapore. In April of 2021, the company legally registered with government officials. They currently employ 200 people in their Singapore main branch. Following successful growth in Asian markets, Royal Q recently announced that they will also be expanding into European markets.


At the moment, Royal Q is debt-free and has a positive cash flow and profit. Without much direct advertising, Royal Q is expanding thanks to its multi-level marketing approach quickly. Thus, the company is doing very well and appears to stay that way. Royal Q app has a 4.6 rating on Google Play store which testifies its authenticity.


How Royal Q Bot Works?


Royal Q bot connects with your cryptocurrency account to buy or sell crypto on your behalf. Currently, Huboi and Binance are supported by Royal Q. Thus, you must have an account on one of the two exchanges to begin trading. Royal Q connects with your exchange account (Huboi or Binance) by API. The user only needs to configure their trading strategy on the Royal Q app, and the bot will trade continuously according to that plan.


The app gives customers new suggestions based on market trends. Additionally, users can join a variety of circles (groups) on Royal Q and sync their plans in exchange for a profit of one or two percent. Hence, the user has three options: employ the circle’s plan, the app’s suggested strategy, or create their own. There is no limit on the amount that the bot will trade after you purchase it for a year. Users are allowed to invest as much money as they wish and earn as much profit as they like.


Is Royal Q Legit? Royal Q Platform Features
Is Royal Q safe? Yes, it is safe. Royal Q is one of the top trading platforms for newbies and experts alike. Here are the features that make it a reliable platform.


⦁ Easy to Use: With more than three million users, the platform is user-friendly, especially for those who are new to trading. You can monitor your trades on your computer and smartphone. It carries out all of your trading decisions without requiring your involvement. Robots make things easier to use since they reduce the possibility of significant loss.


⦁ Multiple supported exchanges: Royal Q is linked to some of the biggest and most reliable platforms, including Binance and Huobi. You can trade crypto when the exchange’s API establishes a connection with the Royal Q trading bot.


⦁ Pricing: You can use Royal Q’s bots to trade for you 24/7 for just $120 with their pricing plan. Since this is a one-time annual subscription fee, there won’t be any additional costs.


Customer support: You can contact Royal Q support staff via live chat, email and WhatsApp as well. Lastly, to quickly receive solutions to some of the frequently asked questions about the platform, you can become a member of the Royal Q community. Moreover, the platform provides tutorials for newbies to help them learn how to use the Royal Q trading platform.


⦁ Security: Royal Q is an AI system that makes it difficult to hack. Because AI is adaptable and makes sure that everything you do on the platform is recorded, it is often impossible to hack. However, it doesn’t mean that it is a flawless platform, but as of right now, users have not questioned the security.


⦁ Reliability: Trading bots aren’t flawless all the time, but Royal Q has shown to have the lowest potential trading risks. By determining the quantity of capital, the bot establishes connections with reliable exchanges such as Huobi and Binance. A feature of Royal Q allows you to sync or copy successful trades on the platform to trade reliably for you.


How to Register on Royal Q?

You will need to download the app from respective app stores to start trading with Royal Q robot. You can download the app from the Google Play Store on Android and the Apple Store for iOS users. You must first log in and have access to it using their Binance API keys to begin trading with the Royal app after installation. Follow the steps below to start trading:


⦁ Register and create your Royal Q account
⦁ Enter your email and other required details
⦁ Verify your email by entering a code that you will receive in your email
⦁ After entering the code, your email will be verified, and account registration will be successful
⦁ Download the Royal Q app on your Android or iOS and launch it
⦁ Activate the app after signing in to your account by entering your email and password
⦁ Link your account with Binance API keys and start trading

You must first credit your Binance or Huobi account with USDT (TRC-20) before you can begin trading. You will also have to pay $100 for a one-year subscription.
How to Earn Profit with Royal Q?
Royal Q allows you to earn profit by trading cryptocurrency and referral marketing.
⦁ Trading Cryptocurrency
Trading cryptocurrency is the primary method to earn a profit on Royal Q. The robot trades cryptocurrency for you based on your capital. The ROI ranges from 20 to 50% per month, depending on your trading preference. Additionally, Royal Q doesn’t have access to your deposits which makes it more reliable to use.


Royal Q Review


⦁ Referral Marketing
Royal Q has quite a lucrative referral marketing plan which lets you earn profits when your friend joins the platform after your invitation. You can earn $30 to $60 based on referral levels.


Royal Q Pros and Cons
Royal Q pros

⦁ 24/7 automated trading
⦁ Simple to use
⦁ One-time fee with no investment or profit limit
⦁ The exchange account protects the funds.
⦁ Powered by AI
⦁ Lucrative referral plan
Royal Q Cons
⦁ Robots aren’t flawless
⦁ Server crashes sometimes
⦁ Sluggish customer support




Royal Q platform provides a reliable trading bot system that is definitely worth giving a try. Moreover, Royal Q has proven itself as a trustworthy and safe platform in the crypto trading market. Its ease of use, beginner-friendly approach, and referral scheme commission have helped it build a reputation for itself. Try it out now, and I hope this Royal Q review answers all of your queries regarding the Royal Q platform.

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